How to get gum out of carpet

How to get gum out of carpet

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How to get gum out of carpet: Ever since chewing gum was invented and a student put some on another student’s hair in school, people have been trying to figure out clever ways to remove it. Gum on clothes is also quite common but a more common occurrence in the home is gum on the carpet. If you have kids, you can relate very well with this. Many families have had to replace the entire carpet or spend a fortune getting professional cleaner to get gum out of the carpet.

Well, it’s really very easy to get gum out of the carpet.

What you need:

Let’s begin by taking a look at what you need to get gum out of carpet:

• Ice cubes
• Rubbing alcohol
• Hard toothbrush
• All purpose spotter (any brand)
• Micro fiber cloth
GOO GONE (optional)

Step by step procedure:

1. Ice cubes
The first step to get gum off a carpet is to place a couple of ice cubes in a zip lock bag and push them onto the wad of gum on the carpet. Leave them there for a while. This will harden the gum and make it a lot easier to remove in one piece.

2. Pry it off
Once the gum has hardened, gradually pry it off with your fingers working your way from the side towards the center. Be careful not to pull off any of the carpet fabric.

3. Removing any left over residue
If you find you still have some gum residue left over, that’s easy to remove using some rubbing alcohol. First make sure the colors on your carpet are color fast by testing a little area that is inconspicuous. Once you confirm the colors won’t run, simply pour a little rubbing alcohol on the affected area then take a firm toothbrush and brush the area vigorously. Before you know it, you will have got the gum out of the carpet. Finally, spray the area with all purpose spotter. Take a micro fiber cloth, fold it twice and compress it down over the area you have just sprayed. This will dry extract the whole area and remove all the solvent.

There you have it, that’s how to get gum out of a carpet.

Tips and Advice (How to get gum out of carpet):

• You can use a shish kebab skewer to try and remove any loose gum before you get started with the process laid out above.
• A paper towel is also a great way to try and get gum that hasn’t stuck too much on the carpet. This is because paper towels are dry and absorbent. If the paper towel fails to succeed, proceed with the steps above.
• If you have gum on the hair, it is possible to remove it by rubbing some peanut butter on it and then gradually working it off the hair with your fingers. Cooking oil also works in a similar way but not as good as peanut butter.
• The process of getting gum out of a carpet can also be used on clothes. You just need to make sure the colors on the item of clothing won’t run.
• You can purchase and use a gum remover such as GOO GONE.

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