How to clean windows

How to clean windows

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How to clean windows: There is nothing as embarrassing as dusty windows. They make your home look really unkempt. It’s also quite inviting to the neighborhood kids who tend to feel the urge to write “wash me” on dusty windows. Clean windows are every homemakers dream. Do you know why professional window cleaners use micro fiber cloths and squeegees to clean windows? There must be a very good reason for it. Most people tend to clean windows with just a cloth, soap, water and paper towels. But, truth be told, it’s quite time consuming using this procedure and more often than not, you will get frustrated with the streaky results.

What you need:

Let’s begin by taking a look at what you need to clean windows:

Squeegee and scrubber combination tool
• Micro fiber cloth
• A bucket
• Dish liquid or window cleaner
• Warm water
• Scrapper

Step by step procedure:

1. Prepare the mixture
Put a few drops of dish liquid into the bucket and fill it about half way with warm water. You’re going to use the micro fiber scrubbing pad to clean the windows and then use the squeegee to wipe them clean and dry.

2. Scrubbing the windows
Dip the scrubbing pad into the mixture and apply it to the glass in an S Pattern. Try and make sure you get all the corners. Next, use the squeegee and start at the top, wiping from one side to the other just like they clean windows at the gas station. You can attach a pole to your squeegee tool to reach windows that would normally be out of reach. Just make sure you buy a threaded squeegee and you have a threaded extension pole. You can also use the squeegee and scrubber combination tool on the inside section of the windows. But, use less water and for good measure place a rag or cloth at the bottom of the window to protect your window sills.

3. Scrapping
If you have any tree sap, dead bugs or other crusty bits on your window, just use a scrapper to get them off.

4. Rinsing
The final step to clean windows is to rinse them. Using a container, pour some warm water on the windows and the squeegee them one more time with a clean squeegee. Make sure you get the corners. Finally, use a micro fiber cloth to wipe the frames and corners clean catching any of the extra moisture.

Tips and Advice (How to clean windows):

• If you find the rubber squeegee has become old, you can always buy a replacement.
• Instead of using store bought window cleaner to clean windows and make them bright and shiny, you can use a home made recipe instead. Take one cup of distilled vinegar and put it into an empty spray bottle. Then add one cup of distilled water. You can use distilled water or tap water. Close the spray bottle, shake it up a little bit and use this to spray and wipe your windows. The vinegar does a good job of loosening any slimy grime that may be stuck on the windows.

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