How to clean shower curtain

How to clean shower curtain

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How to clean shower curtain: A clean shower curtain is rarity in bathrooms around the world. Do you love the idea of every cloud having a silver lining? This doesn’t apply every shower curtain having a pink or brown lining. Your plastic shower curtain and mats get full of mildew and mold over time and develop a general dull look. Mildew and mold loves damp warm places so your shower curtain fits the bill perfectly. The shower curtain and shower mats are also situated near bacteria, hard water, soap scum and body oils. These make for a terrible combination.

A lot of people don’t actually know how to clean a shower curtain. Whenever their shower curtain becomes old and moldy, they simply go off and buy a new one. Other people use harsh brushes to try and clean the shower curtain and other abrasive chemicals. But, none of these work.

A clean shower curtain is actually an easy thing to achieve. This article will take your through a ten minute process to clean your shower curtain.

What you need:

Let’s begin by taking a look at what you need for a clean shower curtain:

• Laundry detergent
• One cup baking soda
• Washing machine
• 2-3 towels ideally light colored
Ten drops of tea tree oil (optional)

Step by step procedure:

1. Remove the shower curtain
The first step to a clean shower curtain is to remove it from the plastic hooks. Peel off the shower mat as well. Take these to your washing machine.

2. Washing
This the second step to a clean shower curtain. Place the shower curtain and shower mat in the washing machine together with the towels. Add regular detergent and a cup of baking soda and tea tree oil if you choose to do so. Wash on a gentle cycle. When the wash cycle ends, simply re-hang the plastic shower curtain to air it dry and hang the shower mat to allow all water to dry off. The towels can then go into the dryer. You use the towels in the wash because they create buffer between the washing machine and the fragile plastic curtain. They also help in scrubbing away the mildew and dirt during the washing process. Baking soda is a mild abrasive. It scrubs away any of the mold and also deodorizes the plastic shower curtain.

The total time involved in this task in under ten minutes. This is way better than going off to purchase a brand new shower curtain and throwing away the old one. This is bad and contributes to filling up landfill because plastic takes a really long time to decompose and is therefore bad for the environment. So, using this method is not only a great way to clean your shower curtain, but you are doing your little part for the environment as well.

Tips and Advice (How to clean shower curtain):

• You can use vinegar during your first rinse. Just pour half a cup of distilled white vinegar and let it rinse the first time with it.

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