How to clean mini blinds

how to clean mini blinds

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If you have ever wondered how to clean mini blinds, in this article we take you through the quick and easy way to clean horizontal and vertical mini blinds. There are two main schools of thought when it comes to clean mini blinds, vertical or horizontal. The first involves a simple use of a cloth, some dish liquid, water, a bucket and your hands. The second involves taking the blinds down, putting them in your bathtub, scrubbing them, drying them and then putting the blinds back up. This second option is a bit extreme. You will rarely have anything so nasty on your blinds that requires you to remove them from the window sill and actually clean them. We will therefore look at the first method to clean mini blinds. This method works well to clean aluminum, wood and plastic blinds but is not recommended for fabric blinds.

What you need:

Let’s begin by taking a look at what you need to clean mini blinds:

Blind duster or vacuum cleaner
• Micro fiber cloth
• Dish liquid
• Warm water

Step by step procedure:

1. Remove Dust
The first step to clean mini blinds is to get the dust off them using a duster or vacuum. For horizontal blinds, work top to bottom and for vertical blinds work left to right. If you are using a vacuum, select a brush attachment and if you’re going to dust by hand, you can choose one of several dusting tools including a proper blind duster, micro fiber cloth or even an old sports sock turned inside out.

2. Washing
Fill three drops of dish liquid into a bowl or bucket and fill with warm water. Take a micro fiber cloth and dunk it into the mixture. Wring well to the point of the cloth being damp dry. Twist the blind flaps so that they lie completely flat. Take your cloth and starting from the top for vertical or left for horizontal blinds. Pinch the cloth around each blind and wipe away dirt and dust by pulling the cloth to the other end of the slide. Rinse your cloth as you go and you’ll be surprised at how dirty your cloth will get. To clean mini blinds that are vertical, the procedure is the same, the only difference is you have to start at the top of the slide and work your way down to the bottom. You might need a step ladder to do this. Once your blinds are clean, you can maintain them by dusting on a regular basis using a simple duster or a vacuum. Just turn the blinds upright and work your way from the top all the way to the bottom.

That’s all there is to clean mini blinds and the best part is, you don’t have to take them down, wait for them to dry and then put them back up.

Tips and Advice (How to clean mini blinds):

• If you have heavy staining on the blinds like grease and dead bug residue you can add a bit of baking soda to the water like a table spoon and that should help break down the scummy build-up.

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