How to clean an iron

How to clean  an iron

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How to clean an iron: Have you bought an second hand iron or you have got some dead insect stuck to it? Sometimes an iron just gets dirty and you need to clean it. It it isn’t too bad you can simply clean an iron with mild soap or purchase professional iron cleaners from your local fabric store. This article will take you through some quick ways to clean an iron with some items you may already have at home.

What you need:

Let’s begin by taking a look at what you need to clean an iron:

Fabric softener sheet
• Paper towel
• Distilled water
• Cotton swabs
• Cloth
• Baking soda

Step by step procedure:

1. Empty the water reservoir
The first step to clean an iron is to empty the water reservoir. So there shouldn’t be any water in the iron.

2. Clean an Iron: Method One
For this first method to clean an iron, put it on the lowest setting so that it’s warm but doesn’t burn you if you touch it. Take a dry fabric softener sheet and put a paper towel on your ironing board and place the sheet right in the middle. Take your iron and for 30 seconds iron the fabric softener. After thirty seconds, go ahead and iron the paper towel. This is because sometimes when you iron the fabric softener it may a little of oil onto the plate so the paper towel wipes it off. The good thing about this method is that it makes your plate smell good because of the warm fabric softener. Keep doing this until your plate is clean. To clean the steam vents, take some cotton swabs, dip them in distilled water and clean the steam vents. Once done, take a soft cloth, dip it in distilled water and wipe the whole plate. Dry the plate.

3. Clean an Iron: Method Two
For this second method to clean an iron, you will need a few spoons of baking soda. Pour it into a cup and then pour in some distilled water, just enough to create a paste. For this method, make sure your iron is off and cool. Dip a paper towel into the paste and rub it onto the iron plate. Take another paper towel, dip it into distilled water and wipe off the baking soda. With the paste, it tends to go into the vents so you need to use cotton swabs dipped in distilled water to wipe off the paste in the vents. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe the iron plate and then dry it.

4. Put the water back into the reservoir
Once you are done using any of the methods above, put water back into the reservoir. Use the distilled water. Put the iron to its highest settings so that it’s really hot. Place a cloth on the ironing board and then let the iron steam over the cloth. This cleans out the vents completely.

Tips and Advice (How to clean an iron):

• If the cotton swab is too big to fit into the vents, take a regular pipe cleaner, dip it into the distilled water and use it to clear the vents.
• Only put water in the iron when you are ready to use it.

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